Collage is a great tool for creating ideas and developing concepts. In this workshop we build up images using mixed media both in the background and foreground. The workshop is an opportunity to create a unique piece of artwork or simply to experiment with different techniques and ideas. The workshop is split into two parts, the first is creating textures and the second is collaging over the top.

Part 1 – Textures

In this part we have 3 pieces of card and the objective is to create 3 different textures using the drawing materials supplied. It is encouraged to be expressive and have fun, choosing from painting with acrylic, making ink splats or making lines with markers or tape.

Part 2  - Collaging

This part of the workshop is all about collaging, participants are to choose one of these 5 options to create through collage.

·      An invention of your choice

·      A fantasy stage set

·      A narrative

·      A provocative statement

·      A new animal


We then proceed to scour through the books and magazines provided and find images they can cut and paste together to create one of the 5 options. Choosing 1 of the 3  previously made textures, this starts as a background. Drawing materials are then used to accompany the collages. When collaging we learn to play with scale and composition. We use it as tool to think outside of the box. Could a perfume bottle be a building? Could words be cut and pasted like a punk album cover? How about mixing natural elements with mechanical ones?