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Surveillance Children (2014)

Available for exhibitions and for hire.

This project began 3 years ago when I started experimenting with collaging surreal hybrids of 80's style cameras with people. Last year this developed into life size wheatpastes that were situated as security guards around Heygate Estate. My project has now continued onto the issues of mass surveillance, I've created an interactive installation looking at how the innocence of children is being oppressed by the watchful eyes of CCTV.

This is the first setup test video filmed at my university of a 3D installation looking at the vulnerability of children in a world heavily monitored by cameras. The camera reacts to movement and will track motion. This idea started off as an illustration I did 4 years ago, and has been in development on and off since then.

STD Calls/The Alternative Phonebox (2013-2014)

Collaboration with Mimi Clifford -
Available for exhibitions and for hire, with interchangeable designs for the windows.

Constructed from MDF this is an interactive telephone installation highlighting key issues in UK prostitution, a comical yet educational experience.  This project stemmed from a street art project expressing the dirty things we do in clean places (telephone boxes) which you can find here. The project involves having the choice to talk to various prostitutes about sexual diseases using the phone and also you can ring our altered call cards for more educational information on the subject.

Exhibition at Elephant and Castle shopping centre (Moderated Version)

Exhibition at Elephant and Castle shopping centre (Moderated Version)

Exhibition at The Science Museum

Exhibition at The Science Museum

A collaboration project with Amelia Clifford. The Alternative Phone Box installed at the Science Museum Late night adult only event. A selection of people from our degree course, Design for Interaction and Moving Image, studied at London College of Communication, were invited to exhibit their interactive installations, based around the theme of medicine, for one night only in February 2014. The Science Museum, Exhibition Road London.


This interactive installation is to raise awareness of the exploitation of animals within the dairy industry. Hu-milk is a collaborative piece by myself and Rob Halhead, that uses juxtaposition to highlight the cruelty of enslaving cows just for their milk. By anthropomorphising the reality of a dairy cows existence, this piece identifies how cruel the process of obtaining their milk is. It suggests a bizarre futuristic idea of human milk becoming a commodity. Through imposing this idea we hope to suggest to the viewer just how absurd it is to drink our own species milk during adult life let alone another species.

This installation only shows how being routinely strapped up to a milk machine to steal milk from the mothers young is undeniably cruel. The further collateral damage also causes the mother to die prematurely from exhaustion 10-15 years prior to their life expectancy. The process causes mastisis and infection and calves are shot or sold to the veal industry once ripped away from their mothers usually within the first 48 hours